You trying to learn something? Well I commend your efforts, but all you'll gain here is useless knowledge - nothing to reinforce the belief that knowledge is power! Still, read on if you're interested in some sort of origin story or some contact information.

Some say Triangle Dude was the result of a misused cookie cutter, and some say he was an inmate's attempt at a shiv. Still, others speak of primordial elements coelescing at the exact same instance they were struck by lightning. Yet, others tell tales of how he came to be from the hyper-active imagination of a bored adolescent God-child, able to secrete matter in all its forms from any orifice on his head. For all the tales however, no one knows the truth about the origins of Triangle Dude. No one... until now?

So who in the hey makes this comic anyway? Well it is I, David! I can be contacted through the power of technology. I read everything I get and I'll do my best to answer each and every e-mail.

Contact me here: tdcomics@gmail.com

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